Visitor levy to raise $80m to future proof tourism

On: 27 September 2018

A new International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy will be set at $35 per visitor and is likely to be in place ahead of the 2019/20 peak tourist season.

The levy was approved by Cabinet on 17 September, with legislation due to be passed around the middle of next year. It was also confirmed the levy would be collected through visa fees and via the new Electronic Travel Authority fee (also approved at Cabinet).

At $35 the levy will raise an estimated $80 million a year to go toward tourism infrastructure and conservation projects.

Public consultation showed strong support for the levy, with the majority of the 107 submitters in favour of setting the fee at $35.

Further work with conservation, local government and tourism industry stakeholders will now be done to decide the best ways to spend the levy’s revenue. The main feature of the levy is that its revenue will be set aside for conservation work and tourism infrastructure.

Read a summary of the changes at the border.

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