Two carpentry Licensed Building Practitioners disciplined for wrong-doings

On: 28 September 2018

The Building Practitioners Board (BPB) has disciplined two Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) with carpentry licences for their negligent or incompetent work, and for failing to provide a record of work.

Andrew Musson, an Auckland-based LBP, has been disciplined by the Board for the second time for carrying out work in a negligent or incompetent manner and failing to provide a record of work.

LBP Registrar Paul Hobbs says, “Mr Musson was making alterations to an existing house and allowed changes to be made that were not on the consented plans. He did raise this with the designer, however did not make a formal variation to the plans.

“Supervision is a fundamental aspect of the scheme, and Mr Musson did not provide adequate support to the unlicensed builder he was responsible for supervising, so much so that the builder had to seek assistance from a previous colleague.

“Furthermore, a contractual dispute meant Mr Musson did not issue a record of work, which is a statutory obligation and must be provided,” says Mr Hobbs.

Mr Musson has been ordered to pay $3,000 and costs of $2,000.

In Tauranga, LBP Andrew Etchells carried out work in a negligent or incompetent manner, and failed to comply with building consent and provide a record of work on a prefabricated house in Hamilton.

Mr Etchells was supposed to be supervising unlicensed workers while they were constructing the prefabricated house. He instead only visited the site on weekends.

“Mr Etchells acknowledged he was meant to supervise this restricted building work but admitted that he didn’t know who was doing the work, and he signed a record of work before checking it. These breaches are all far below the high calibre of responsibility and professionalism expected of an LBP,” says Mr Hobbs.

Mr Etchells has been ordered to pay a fine of $4,000 and costs of $2,500.

“Providing adequate supervision, ensuring plans align with consents, and providing correct records are some of the basic responsibilities that come with being an LBP.

“Consumers can be assured that where the Building Practitioners Board have evidence of LBPs not upholding their responsibilities for the overall health, safety, and wellbeing of New Zealanders, we will take action,” says Mr Hobbs.

A guide to making a complaint about a licensed building practitioner is available on the LBP website.

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