Three unlicensed electrical workers fined

On: 23 August 2018

Three unlicensed electrical workers have been held to account for carrying out prescribed electrical work in three separate cases around the country.

Edmund Matoe has been ordered to pay $4,500 plus costs in the Christchurch District Court for undertaking the rewiring of two portables houses while he was not a licenced and registered electrician.

Mr Matoe carried out work on two separate occasions when he did not hold a licence from the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) which would allow him to conduct the prescribed electrical work, says Registrar of Electrical Workers, Simon Robb.

“Mr Matoe carried out this work for commercial gain, issuing safety certificates with a false registration number for houses that he wired in Christchurch that were later transported to other regions.

“Licensed electrical workers are professionals who are trained to do the job safely and correctly. Incorrectly installed electrical work can result in fire and serious harm, which is why it can only be carried out by a licensed electrical worker,” says Dr Robb.

In separate cases, two other unlicensed electrical workers have been fined in the Taupo and Invercargill District courts. Richard Mann of Taupo was fined $2,400 plus costs for carrying out prescribed electrical work, which included replacing light fittings and power points, while unlicensed.

“The work, as a result, was not certified to be safe and compliant,” says Dr Robb.

In a similar case, an Invercargill man was fined $2,800 plus costs for undertaking prescribed electrical work, including the use of non-approved methods to connect the lights to a supply cable, that he was not licensed to carry out.

“Where prescribed electrical work isn’t being carried out by a licensed electrical worker, the Board will investigate, ensuring the safety of New Zealanders and their homes,” says Dr Robb.

“Consumers play an important role in this too. Be sure always to use a licensed electrical worker, ask to see their licence and ensure they certify their work by supplying a Certificate of Compliance.”

Consumers can find a list of licensed electrical workers by searching the online Electrical Workers Register, they can submit complaints or concerns on the Electrical Workers Registration Board website, or by using the Report-a-Cowboy app.

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