The Tourism Data Domain Plan published

On: 7 September 2018

Published today by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Tourism Data Domain Plan sets out the main priorities for tourism statistics. Based on agreement by industry and government stakeholders, it provides the strategy for addressing these priorities over the next five to eight years.

Tourism, by both domestic and international visitors, has grown sharply in New Zealand in recent years. Tourism continues to be one of one of our largest employers, with one in 12 jobs in the tourism sector. Continued tourism growth is expected in the next few years. By 2024, international visitor arrivals are expected to reach 5.1 million.

“When it comes to both data and tourism, we live in exciting times. The types of available data, its detail, and the costs of obtaining or using it are changing rapidly,” said Eileen Basher, General Manger Evidence and Insights.

The first Tourism Data Domain Plan was completed in 2011 by the then Ministry of Economic Development. While the 2011 domain plan took a government-only, ‘official statistics’ approach, the 2018 plan uses a broader approach, including elements of industry focus. The plan was developed by MBIE’s Evidence and Insights branch, under the direction of a Project Steering Group comprising MBIE, Stats NZ and Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

Extensive stakeholder engagement included central and local government agencies, the industry (including operators), representative organisations, consultants, researchers and academics. “We certainly appreciated the inclusion, and the opportunity to host a Māori workshop; we hope the insight gleaned in this gathering helped MBIE develop the plan,” said Simon Phillips, Director of Regions, New Zealand Māori Tourism.

Fergus Brown, Chief Executive of the Holiday Parks Association of New Zealand, said consultation on the plan was in-depth and included substantial industry interaction. “The challenge will now focus on implementing the plan to ensure it adds value to the tourism industry, local and central government and New Zealand communities.”

Following the completion of the 2018 Tourism Data Domain Plan, it is intended an annual report will demonstrate progress on the five key focus areas identified– the value and sustainability of tourism; businesses and workforce; tourism behaviours and characteristics and data usability. The plan and accompanying annual report will help make decisions that shape the future for New Zealand tourism.

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