Marina Hirst Tristam

Tasman Bay Food Group Ltd
Executive Director

[image] Marina Hirst TristamWhat did you study/learn on the course you attended with your Prime Minister’s Business Scholarship?

Global Executive MBA.

What were the highlights of attending the course?

Learning the different perspectives of leadership and strategies to grow businesses and different stages of their lifecycle.

What were the challenges?

All of it! Course involved five two-week block courses in different markets around the world working with different businesses from start up to global. The pace of the course and fitting it in with work and a very young family was difficult.

How has the course helped you to grow and/or internationalise your business?

The course gave me a great understanding of the challenges businesses at different stages of their lifecycle face and strategies to challenge and disrupt. It also helped me learn the skills and traits of successful leaders and developed my own leadership skills.

What advice do you have for people thinking about applying for a Prime Minister’s Business Scholarship?

Continuous, lifelong learning is invaluable to business leaders and those that wish to develop to the next level. This is a great opportunity to invest in your skills so you can use strategy and leadership to drive your business to internationalisation and growth.