Our structure

Our seven business groups work collaboratively to Grow New Zealand for all.

This is our high-level structure. It includes both permanent and acting staff.

Building, Resources and Markets

The Building, Resource and Markets group works with regulators such as the Financial Markets Authority and the Commerce Commission to ensure well-functioning financial, infrastructure and resource markets and informed and confident consumers and investors.

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Corporate, Governance and Information

The Corporate, Governance and Information Group supports MBIE’s leaders in governing the organisation by providing internal services for legal, information communications technology, human resources, communications and ministerial servicing, information management, risk and assurance, safety and security and business continuity planning, research and evaluation. The group also monitors Crown Entity performance.

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Finance and Performance

The Finance and Performance group supports MBIE leaders to manage and allocate our resources responsibly and to provide financial leadership.

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Immigration New Zealand

Find out more about our Immigration New Zealand group who bring the best people to New Zealand to help our country prosper and encourage visitors and tourists, students, workers and investors to NZ

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Labour, Science and Enterprise

The Labour, Science and Enterprise group advises on sector, regional and business development policy and programmes, tourism and major events.

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Market Services

Find out more about our Market Services' group who work with businesses, employees and consumers to help them participate effectively in the market place.

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Strategic Policy and Programmes

Our role is to lead MBIE’s microeconomic strategy and business strategy including looking ‘up and out’.

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