The Fair Pay Agreement system is up and running

Published: 01 December 2022

The Fair Pay Agreement (FPA) system is now up and running, as of 1 December 2022.

This means that eligible unions are now able to apply to the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for approval to negotiate an FPA for an industry or occupation.

More information about FPAs and the FPA system has been added to the Employment New Zealand website.

This updated information includes:

  • an FPA Guide with further guidance for participants
  • a range of translated FPA quick guides
  • MBIE’s no-cost Bargaining Support Services
  • more information on the FPA process
  • duties between bargaining parties on the same side, and between bargaining parties on opposing sides
  • how FPAs work with other employment agreements
  • employee and employer rights and responsibilities under the FPA system.

Fair Pay Agreements(external link) — Employment New Zealand

Fair Pay Agreements Dashboard

The FPA dashboard is now live on the MBIE website.

Information about any new, proposed FPA will be published here, and this dashboard will help people keep track of progress with each proposed FPA as it moves through the process. Interested parties are encouraged to bookmark and check the dashboard, as needed for updates.

Fair Pay Agreements dashboard

First set of Fair Pay Agreement regulations now published

The first set of FPA regulations have been published under the Fair Pay Agreements Act.

These regulations cover the following:

  • Details for the public interest test criteria.
  • Evidence required by MBIE to satisfy the representation test.
  • Requirement for how parties need to define coverage.
  • Who the voluntary default bargaining parties are under the FPA system.

You can view the regulations on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Fair Pay Agreements Regulations 2022 (SL 2022/307)(external link) — New Zealand Legislation

A second set of regulations are planned to be made and published in 2023. An update will be provided on this when more information is available.

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