Supporting regulations for new fibre regime finalised

Published: 16 September 2021

New fibre regulations will set a base-level of acceptable service and price for fibre broadband and voice services.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has developed these regulations to support New Zealand’s new regulatory framework for telecommunications. Following consultation in May this year, the regulations have been finalised by Cabinet.

The purpose of the regulations is to act as an ‘anchor’ for other service offerings that the wholesale provider (Chorus) offers to retail service providers (such as Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees and others). This ensures that consumers have access to a base-level service at an affordable price. These regulations work alongside the total revenue cap and quality standard regulations set by the Commerce Commission. The Commission will finalise these for the first regulatory period (2022-2024) by December 2021.

The regulations are to be in place for the new regulatory regime by 31 December 2021 and will take effect from 1 January 2022. Making the regulations now provides certainty to the industry and allows players almost 4 months to prepare for transitioning to the new regime.

The regulations may be reviewed by the Commerce Commission in the future. Such a review may take into account factors such as changes in technology or demand for faster speeds.

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