Smarter Government accommodation planning for Wellington Region

Published: 25 July 2019

Options for government office space in the wider Wellington region are being explored to better support citizen needs, regional growth and the vision for a modern, unified Public Service, says Peter Bollmann, Chief Advisor Property, New Zealand Government Procurement and Property.

Registrations of Interest are being invited from landlords and developers with suitable properties or development opportunities through the formal Government Electronics Tenders Service (GETS). Advance notice has been issued today, with the formal invitation to submit proposals to follow in early August.

New expectations for government property were released last year, and the first project under these changes will investigate opportunities for potential new Wellington government office accommodation in the Kapiti, Porirua City, and the Hutt Valley areas.

“The aim is to support future government agency growth, modern working that harnesses IT capability, and importantly, for resiliency planning for big things like natural disasters, and small events such as commuter disruption,” says Mr Bollmann. 

“We want to see a number of agencies co-located in one or more suitable buildings outside the Wellington central business district, and we are gathering more information from the market to further scope this opportunity out.”

The project is part of a wider approach to position government office accommodation for future needs and ensure it is more agile, responsive, and resilient.  This will also support regional growth, and a standardised approach to fit out and design.

“How we organise and coordinate our government office accommodation will also support a more unified Public Service to maximise links so New Zealanders have better access to the services that matter to them,” says Mr Bollmann.

Other government property projects include looking for future options for accommodating agencies together under the New Zealand Government brand in single buildings or campus style arrangements in both metro and regional areas.

Property is one way to support a more unified approach and deliver services to all New Zealanders in a seamless way.

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