New plan of action against forced labour, people trafficking and slavery launched

Published: 17 March 2021

An all-of-government plan of action against human trafficking, forced labour and slavery has been released.

The plan of action sets out a high-level framework for the actions that agencies will take over the next five years, to 2025 to combat these practices.

These practices, whether they occur here or overseas, have direct and indirect implications for all New Zealanders. They lead to considerable harm and trauma for victims, as well as social and economic costs for New Zealand as a whole.

The plan outlines 28 actions which fall under three key pillars of prevention, protection and enforcement. The plan of action will ensure:

  • New Zealand implements measures to meet its international commitments and prevent the conditions that enable forced labour, people trafficking and slavery.
  • New Zealand works to proactively identify victims and supports them to safety and recovery by putting their protection and needs at the heart of our responses.
  • The enforcement tools available to disrupt exploitation and hold people to account, particularly through prosecution are effectively used.

Having a plan of action enables New Zealand to meet the requirements of the Forced Labour Protocol, and further promote New Zealand’s compliance with our international obligations.

The plan of action was developed across government agencies, and feedback from public consultation has been incorporated into the final version. An implementation plan will be developed, and we will continue to review our approach to ensure it is effective and appropriate.

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