Government Procurement Rules 4th edition comes into force today

Published: 01 October 2019

The Government Procurement Rules 4th edition officially comes into force from today and will help to leverage spending and procurement planning across government agencies to achieve broader outcomes and increase public value.

John Ivil, General Manager of New Zealand Procurement and Property, says Government procurement can make a vital contribution to the wellbeing of New Zealanders and while many agencies are already leveraging their spending power to deliver social, environmental, economic or cultural outcomes, the new ‘Rules’ will help to embed this approach.

“We consulted across government agencies earlier this year – and published the new Rules in June – so it’s fair to say many agencies have work underway to use their contracts to increase public value.

“For example, we have seen government agencies start to transition to low emission vehicles to travel while doing their business; explore car shares or use more flexible car rental arrangements. Contracting and procurement decisions like this support the goal for New Zealand to transition to a net zero emissions economy by 2050.”

Other priority outcomes are to: support New Zealand businesses; promote skills development, in particular in the construction sector; and ensure compliance with employment and health and safety standards.

New Zealand Government Procurement and Property (NZGPP) is responsible for supporting the Chief Executive Carolyn Tremain in her role as Functional Leader for government procurement and property(external link).

The Government Procurement Rules 4th edition(external link)

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