Government invests in rural broadband capacity

Published: 29 April 2020

The Government has allocated up to $15 million in savings from the Ultra-fast Broadband initiative to improve rural broadband capacity.

The investment involves:

  • upgrading some existing rural mobile towers
  • upgrading wireless backhaul, which connects remote sites to central networks
  • installing external antennae on households to improve coverage.

The Government, through Crown Infrastructure Partners, is prioritising the upgrade of mobile towers in rural areas that have high numbers of school-age children living in households without internet access. This will provide school-age students in remote areas with access to the digital connectivity programme that the Government recently rolled out to support distance learning.

The Government will also be prioritising the upgrade of towers that provide coverage to the most number of people, and where it is cost-effective to do so.

Read the full media release on the Beehive website(external link)

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