Employment Strategy to get more people into fulfilling careers

Published: 12 August 2019

A new Employment Strategy released today sets out the Government’s aims for all New Zealanders to achieve their potential in developing skills, finding secure employment and fulfilling careers.

The Employment Strategy highlights the changes that government agencies are making to unlock people’s untapped potential and help businesses hire employees with the skills they need. These include changes to our education, welfare and immigration systems.

The Strategy supports more inclusive employment that reflects who we are and the many different places we come from. It also focuses on thriving industries and regions, supporting modern workplaces and preparing for the changing nature of work.

The Employment Strategy sets out a roadmap for specific Action Plans with detailed activities across government agencies, targeting the barriers faced by our most vulnerable groups to enable people to grow their skills and careers and have decent and stable work.

The first of these, the Youth Employment Action Plan was also released today.

The Action Plan for Youth will put our young people onto a stronger pipeline to rewarding careers with decent wages. Supporting people at a young age is proven to make a lifelong difference in their careers and wellbeing and contributes to their identity and sense of purpose.

The Ministers’ media release announcing the Employment Strategy on the Beehive website(external link)

The Employment Strategy and Youth Employment Action Plan on our website

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