Tell us whether you think New Zealand should ratify the Forced Labour Protocol

Published: 13 March 2019

The Forced Labour Protocol 2014 is an international, legally-binding document that provides guidance on how to eliminate all forms of forced labour, punish offenders and protect victims, including ensuring they have access to remedies such as compensation.

It is an update to an earlier convention, which New Zealand is party to.

Becoming party to it would send a clear message of the importance New Zealand places on tackling forced labour and other forms of modern slavery.
We are currently seeking public views on any areas in New Zealand law, policy or practice that would need to be changed before ratification; any issues or costs – which are expected to be minimal – if we did ratify it; and whether or not the public supports New Zealand becoming party to the Protocol.

Go to consultation page and have your say.

Read the Minister’s Press Release.(external link)

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