Business Travel Register open

Published: 27 February 2021

Businesses with workers needing to cross the Alert Level boundary near Auckland will need evidence of permitted activity or an exemption. Travel documents that were issued earlier this month remain valid.

Any business with workers that have lost their documents, or where they need to add or remove a staff member, should log back in to the system to make the changes or re-download the documents at (external link)

Any business’s exemption request that was still in progress at the end of the last Alert Level 2/3 will remain active. Assessment will be carried out against the new criteria and businesses will receive a notification once a decision is made.

It is important that businesses log in and remove workers that don’t need to travel any more, or no longer work for the business as it will deactivate the QR code.

Workers should have the printed copy, or an electronic copy on their phone so police can verify the document to make travel across the Alert Level boundary as quick as possible.

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