$14.4 million to fund cutting-edge scientific research

Published: 13 June 2019

Four new sector-led research partnerships will receive funding of $14.4 million over the next seven years through the 2018 Partnerships Investment Round

The Partnership Scheme strengthens ties between research organisations and users, particularly industry, by supporting them to establish a long-term programme. Members determine the research they will undertake, so the research is driven by an industry or sector’s needs.

The Partnerships Scheme funds highly innovative research with potentially transformational impacts that contribute to sustainable economic development through growing emerging, high-tech, knowledge intensive sectors, through developing technologies that radically improve resource efficiency, or reduce environmental impact of an existing resource use,  by helping to transition to a low emissions economy and ensuring a rich and protected environment.

Research by this year’s successful applicants has the potential to:

  • deliver breakthrough cancer treatment via a new version of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy
  • enhance high-value crop production and export agritechnology, by applying UV light treatments to seeds and seedlings including for ‘vertical’ farming
  • rapidly improve the quality of Pinus Radiata tree stocks through development of propagation techniques using liquid culture bioreactors
  • improve livestock growth and health and reduce insecticide use, through exploring genetically improved strains of endophytes that live symbiotically with perennial ryegrass.

These projects demonstrate New Zealand’s growing strength in applying cutting edge technology to real-world problems and opportunities.  They will see companies and industry bodies partnering with excellent research organisations to jointly fund innovation based on high-quality research.

Congratulations to this year’s successful projects.