Information session on the MethaneSAT project

MBIE will host an information session covering New Zealand’s participation in the MethaneSAT mission.

MethaneSAT is a state-of-the-art satellite that is being designed to detect global methane emissions with unprecedented accuracy. This information session will focus on explaining the process for delivering two key outputs from MBIE’s $26 million contribution towards the mission: an atmospheric science research project (the science project) and a satellite mission operations control centre (MOCC).


We anticipate that the information session will be most relevant to those involved in atmospheric or methane research, and representatives from universities that may be interested in hosting the MOCC.

Organisations must register to attend the information session on behalf of their attendees by 30 March 2020.

Only one registration will be accepted per organisation, and interested persons should therefore contact the relevant representative within their organisation (such as a university research office) to register on their behalf. A maximum of three attendees can be registered per organisation, apart from universities.

Universities may register up to five attendees, because they may have an interest in both the atmospheric science and the opportunity to host the MOCC.

Organisations can register their attendees through completing the online form.

Register now(external link) 

Last updated: 19 March 2020