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Building infrastructure

Infrastructure underpins growth by providing the supporting networks demanded by a growing economy. It is a catalyst for growth because it creates new economic opportunities.

Infrastructure assets are typically costly and can take many years to plan, commission, build and bring into service. Projecting the future demand for infrastructure is critical to ensuring that the right level of investment is made in the right infrastructure at the right time.


2011 Infrastructure network at a glance

[image] Infrastructure network at a glance.  


Building Infrastructure progress report

The Building Infrastructure progress report describes the current state of New Zealand’s infrastructure. It outlines the Business Growth Agenda’s goal to ensure that by 2030 New Zealand’s infrastructure is resilient and coordinated, and contributes to economic growth and increased quality of life. It provides a progress report on achievements to date and describes initiatives to achieve this goal.



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Infrastructure report sets out 67 initiatives

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Free ultra-fast broadband connections 


Last updated 29 April 2013

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