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  • Chief Executive expenses disclosure

    Expenses, gifts and hospitality expended by the Chief Executive.

  • Energy Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Detailed inventory information on human made emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs) from New Zealand's energy sources

  • International Visitor Survey

    The International Visitor Survey (IVS) measures the travel patterns and expenditure of international visitors to New Zealand. Data includes expenditure, places visited, activities/attractions, accommodation and transport.

  • Key pivot table

    Regionally specific estimates of both domestic and international tourism expenditure.

  • Key international RTI data tables

    Top line figures on changes in international expenditure.

  • International tourism forecasts interactive web tool

    International forecasts results for key markets.

  • Duties, taxes and direct levies on motor fuels in New Zealand

    Find information on current charges and levies on motor fuels in New Zealand.

  • Accommodation Survey

    The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment publishes Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) reports, based on data from the Accommodation Survey released by Stats NZ.

  • Gas

    Quarterly updates and annual summary statistics relating to natural gas.

  • Oil

    Quarterly updates and annual summary statistics relating to oil.

  • Reference Scenario

    Each year the Ministry releases a full set of energy sector wide Reference Scenario projections of energy supply, demand, and emissions. As well as this, we present analysis on the sensitivity of the Reference Scenario to changes in key assumptions.

  • Domestic Travel Survey

    Access data and commentary from New Zealand’s Domestic Travel Survey, describing New Zealanders’ domestic travel patterns, expenditure, and more.

  • Electricity cost and price monitoring

    The Ministry uses sales-based data to monitor average residential, commercial and industrial electricity costs (essentially total electricity sales divided by the quantity of electricity supplied). The latest data can be found in the Prices data table.

  • Rental bond data

    Data from MBIE's tenancy bond database, which records all new rental bonds that are lodged with us each month.

  • RTI detailed data

    Access to tables with breakdown in the level of international and domestic spending by Regional Tourism Organisation regions.

  • Convention Activity Survey

    The Convention Activity Survey (CAS) monitors and benchmarks the activity of more than 150 professional conferencing and meeting venues in New Zealand.

  • Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates

    The Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) provide an estimate of regional monthly expenditure on tourism from both international and domestic consumers.

  • Key domestic RTI data tables

    Top line figures on changes in domestic expenditure.

  • Coal

    Quarterly updates and annual summary statistics relating to coal.