Legal metrology

About Trading Standards' legal metrology work ensuring accurate weights and measures for trade.

What we do

Trading Standards administers and enforces New Zealand’s system of trade measurement, making sure that weighing and measuring equipment and the quantity in packaged goods is accurate.

Effective trade needs transparency and a balance of information and trust between traders and consumers. The work of Trading Standards provides important controls needed for accurate measurement that support domestic and international trade.

Our work

Trading Standards:

  • Administers and enforces the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations ensuring that they are consistent with international best practice.
  • Facilitates trade by maintaining strong national and international connections with:
    • Standards, Accreditation and Metrology Group
    • Measurement Standards Laboratory
    • National Measurement Institute (Australia)
    • International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)
      Visit the OIML website
    • Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF)
      Visit the APLMF website
  • Accredits private sector companies and individuals (known as ‘Accredited Persons’) to test and confirm that accuracy of weighing and measuring equipment.
  • Encourages businesses to comply with legislation when weighing and measuring or packaging goods, by using market surveillance and enforcement.
  • Provides metrology laboratory services to make sure physical standards used by trade and industry to test weighing and measuring equipment are accurate. These laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 and their work provides a direct link to international standards.
  • Approves all weighing and measuring equipment before it is used by traders to make sure the equipment produces accurate results.
  • Investigates and responds to complaints and enquiries from consumers and businesses.
  • Advises businesses and industry about weighing and measuring processes and techniques that make sure measurement is accurate. 

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Accurate measures – for business

  • Selling goods by quantity
  • Selling equipment or services
  • Approved equipment types 

Accredited Persons – for business

  • Role of an Accredited Person
  • Contacting an Accredited Person
  • “The Measure” newsletter

Weights and measures – for consumers

  • Your rights when buying goods by weight or measure