Auctioneers Register

You need to use the services of a registered auctioneer when buying or selling anything by auction. You do not need a registered auctioneer for an internet auction such as ‘Trade Me’. A person carries on business as an auctioneer if the person, in trade, charges a fee or a commission for, or requires the payment of any part of the proceeds of, a sale by auction, other than as an employee or agent of a registered auctioneer.

Check if an auctioneer is registered

To check if an auctioneer is registered, look for the name of the auctioneer or company name in the Auctioneer Register.  Auctioneers may work for a registered auctioneer without registering themselves. If this is the case, search for the employer’s name or their company name.

Search the register

Enter the name of the auctioneer in the search box and click the search button. Alternatively you can search by registration type, location or registration status of the auctioneer by clicking on the links below. This will take you to the name you searched. Click on the name to see the details of the registered auctioneer. If this is not the auctioneer you are searching for, click on the blue arrow, at the top right of the screen, to return to the main search page again.

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