Auctioneers registration

The Auctioneers Act 2013 has resulted in a simpler registration system and provides for a public register of auctioneers.

For auctioneers

Information for auctioneers.

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For new applicants

Information for new applicants.

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For licensed real estate agents

Information for licensed real estate agents about exemption from registration.

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For consumers

You need to use a registered auctioneer when buying or selling anything by auction.

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The Auctioneers Act 2013

The Auctioneers Act passed into law in December 2013 and sets out the requirement for auctioneers to be registered and what is required to become registered as an auctioneer.

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Archives New Zealand

Archives New Zealand’s role, through the Public Records Act 2005, is to provide for the continuing collection and storage of public archives.

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