Regional tourism estimates

The RTEs provide regional stakeholders with absolute dollar estimates of tourism expenditure at a detailed regional level (i.e. by regional council, territorial authority, visitors’ country of origin and industry).

Changes to the Tourism Satellite Account and the International Visitor Survey, mean the 2015 Regional Tourism Estimates generally produce higher estimates of spending for the period 2009-2014 than previously published. These papers describe the nature and impact of these changes.


The RTE methodology remains the same, with the exception of changes to some of the product categories. Changes to the product categories were implemented to improve the RTEs.

All users should discard earlier versions of the RTEs and re-download the new pivot tables and regional summaries.

Key pivot table

Regionally specific estimates of both domestic and international tourism expenditure.

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Regional summaries

Summary reports of tourism expenditure by Regional Tourism Organisation and Regional Council.

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RTE questions and answers

Read frequently asked questions about the regional tourism estimates.

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About the RTEs

Read about the regional tourism estimates including data sources and methodology.

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Regional Tourism Estimates 2006 - 2011

Prior to 2012 the Ministry published estimates of regional spend and visitor numbers using data from a variety of sources including the International Visitors Survey (IVS), Domestic Travel Survey (DTS), and electronic card data.

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Data download

The regional tourism estimates microdata are available here for re-use by specialist analysts.

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