International visitor arrivals commentary

A record breaking 3.6 million international visitors came to New Zealand in the May 2017 year. This was up 323,200 (or 10 percent) from year ending May 2016. Holiday arrivals increased 202,600 (or 12 percent) to 1.88 million, which is the main contributor.

Visitor arrivals numbered 209,200 in the month of May 2017, up 8 percent from the month of May 2016.

The biggest changes in visitor arrivals by country of residence between year ending May 2016 and 2017 were from:

  • Australia (up 81,100 to 1.44 million)
  • the United States (up 67,600 to 323,000)
  • Malaysia (up 16,800 to 55,900).

Visitor arrivals from China were up only 4,300 (or 1%) to 398,800 in the May 2017 year.

Holiday-makers and visits to friends and relatives accounted for 81 percent (2.93 million) of the visitor arrivals in year ending May 2017.

New Zealand residents departed on a record 2.72 million overseas trips in the year ending May 2017. This was up 278,500 (11 percent) from year ending May 2016.

More details can be seen in International visitor arrivals key data table May 2017 and International travel and migration statistics on the Statistics website.

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