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Guest nights

In August 2017, a total of 2,441,000 guest nights were spent in short-term commercial accommodation in New Zealand, a decrease of 8,000 nights (0.3 percent) from August 2016. The North Island recorded a decrease (down 54,000 or 3.6 percent) while the South Island recorded an increase (up 46,000 or 4.8 percent).

International and domestic

In August 2017, guest nights comprised 61.1 percent domestic guests (1.49 million guest nights) and 38.9 percent international guests (948,000 guest nights). Compared with August 2016, domestic guest nights decreased by 19,000 (1.2 percent) while international guest nights increased by 10,000 (1.1 percent).

Accommodation types

Two of the four accommodation types recorded a decrease in guest nights in August 2017, compared with August 2016.

Motels had the largest decrease in guest nights (down 15,000 or 1.8 percent), followed by backpackers (down 600 or 0.2 percent). Holiday parks had the only increase in guest nights (up 7,000 or 2.5 percent. Hotels were unchanged (down just 90 or 0.0 percent).


The overall occupancy rate for accommodation establishments in August 2017 was 35.6 percent, up 0.5 percentage points, compared with 35.2 percent in August 2016.

Hotels had the largest increase in occupancy (up 0.4 points to 62.8 percent), followed by backpackers (up 0.3 points to 32.3 percent), and holiday parks (up 0.2 points to 10.1 percent). Motels had the only decrease occupancy (down 0.1 points to 50.6 percent).


In August 2017, Auckland recorded the largest decrease in guest nights (down 33,000 or 5.7 percent) from August 2016. This was followed by Wellington (down 14,000 or 7.0 percent), Queenstown (down 7,000 or 2.2 percent), Waikato (down 7,000 or 7.4 percent), and Ruapehu (down 4,000 or 8.6 percent).

Nelson-Tasman recorded the largest increase (up 10,000 or 17.2 percent), followed by Mackenzie (up 9,000 or 20.8 percent), West Coast (up 8,000 or 14.4 percent), Hawke’s Bay (up 7,000 or 12.4 percent), and Wanaka (up 5,000 or 7.9 percent).


For the year ended August 2017, there were 38,987,000 guest nights, an increase of 1,104,000 (2.91 percent) from the previous August year.


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