About the Tourism Growth Partnership

The Tourism Growth Partnership (TGP) was established in 2013 between the Crown and the private sector to foster innovation and increase productivity gains for the tourism sector.

The TGP is currently on hold while funding priorities for the wider tourism portfolio are assessed. Further information will be made available in the coming months.

The TGP provides $8 million in contestable funding per year through co-investment in tourism projects. This funding is divided evenly into two streams – the Productivity and Innovation Stream and the Regional Stream.

The initiative aims to help drive some of the strategic changes required to overcome constraints to growth in the sector and lift the value that international tourism delivers to New Zealand.

The TGP is part of a wider suite of initiatives that form the Government’s tourism strategy, which supports the sector to attract the right mix of visitors and ensure those visitors have a high quality experience, as well as supporting regions to respond to and benefit from increasing visitor numbers.

Read a summary of the tourism strategy.

Productivity and Innovation Stream

The Productivity and Innovation Stream (TGP-I) supports innovative, commercially viable tourism projects that will lead to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • new, high-value products
  • improved processes or operations that drive efficient growth
  • gaining more value from assets by reducing seasonality.

Regional Stream

The Regional Stream (TGP-R) looks to enable tourism operators outside the main centres to reap the benefits of growth in the sector. It focuses on commercially viable projects that grow tourism and create tourism-related jobs in the regions.

Feasibility studies

Under either stream, applicants can apply for co-investment of up to $25,000 toward a feasibility study, from a maximum annual investment pool of $250,000. This enables successful applicants to assess the costs, potential market and risks of their business proposition.

Portfolio Statement

A Portfolio Statement is released at each funding round to signal the Government’s investment priorities for the TGP.

Portfolio Statements are developed in consultation with industry stakeholders. They ensure that investments made in each funding round:

  • align with government policy priorities for tourism
  • are relevant to the strategic direction of the tourism industry
  • add to the overall mix of investments in the TGP portfolio.

Read the latest Portfolio Statement [PDF 186KB].


Applications for funding are considered by an Independent Panel of Experts drawn from the tourism sector. The panel makes funding recommendations to the MBIE Chief Executive, who makes funding decisions.


To receive notifications about when funding rounds are announced or when further information is released about the TGP, please email the MBIE Secretariat at tgp@mbie.govt.nz.

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