China Market

China is the second largest source market for visitors to New Zealand.

The China visitor market continues to grow strongly, supported by expansion in capacity of direct flights to New Zealand. MBIE is forecasting continuing high demand, with annual Chinese visitors predicted to exceed 900,000 and to spend in excess of $NZ5 billion by 2022.

Learn more about the Chinese visitor market

Webinars and online modules are available to help tourism operators derive greater value from the China visitor market by meeting the needs and preferences of the increasing number of independent Chinese travellers. Modules cover topics such as product development, social media and accommodation.


China Visitor Insight programme

The webinars and online modules reflect research into the Chinese visitor market conducted for the China Visitor Insight programme, commissioned by MBIE in 2015, and are based on a series of successful workshops held around the country to share the insights gained from this research.

The China Visitor Insight research showed that the Chinese visitor profile is changing, with greatest growth being recorded in the independent travel (or FIT – free and independent travellers) market segment, rather than organised group/tour travel. This is important because independent travellers are more likely to stay longer, spend more and to explore a greater number of regions while in New Zealand.

Useful links

China Visitor Insight research

#NZCNTourism houses the China Visitor Insight research (called the Chinese FIT Report)


Chinese visitor market statistics

Tourism New Zealand regularly publishes statistics on the Chinese visitor market


Approved Destination Status

The Approved Destination Status is an arrangement with the Chinese government that allows Chinese travellers to visit New Zealand in a tour group


New Zealand Tourism Dashboard

The New Zealand Tourism Dashboard is a one-stop shop for all information about tourism. It brings together a range of tourism datasets produced by MBIE and Statistics New Zealand into one easy-to-use tool