Regulating the telecommunications sector

We are responsible for maintaining a sound regulatory environment for the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

We manage the following legislation:

Telecommunications Act 2001

The Ministry administers the Telecommunications Act 2001 and associated regulations which together comprise the New Zealand telecommunications regulatory regime. The Telecommunications Act 2001 regulates the supply of certain telecommunication services for promoting competition in telecommunication markets to bring long-term benefits to its users in New Zealand.

 The Ministry is currently reviewing the Telecommunications Act 2001:

Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act 2013

Legislative changes were made in November 2013 to modernise the interception capability obligations in the now repealed Telecommunications (Interception Capability) Act 2004, and to establish a new legal framework for network security obligations in the interests of our national security.

The Act was given Royal assent on 11 November 2013. All provisions were in force by 11 May 2014.  


In certain circumstances, it is possible for a network operator to apply for an exemption from some obligations under the Act.

For information on exemptions, or to apply for an exemption, please contact New Zealand Police.

Review of the Telecommunications Act 2001

We have completed the review of the Telecommunications Act 2001. The Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill is now before Parliament.

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Internet governance and the .nz domain name

As the government agency responsible for telecommunications policy, the Ministry has a focus on developing efficient, reliable and responsive infrastructure, productive and competitive businesses, and a world-class business environment.

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