Broadband and mobile initiatives

The expansion and development of broadband and mobile coverage is a vital component of New Zealand's economic growth, productivity improvements and the government's wider strategy to increase New Zealand's global competitiveness, particularly compared to other OECD countries.

Broadband Initiative Extensions and Mobile Blackspot Fund

The Government recently announced its intention to extend its two flagship broadband initiatives with additional funding, and establish a new initiative to expand mobile coverage.

Updates and announcements regarding these policy initiatives:

  • Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) extension
  • Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) extension
  • Mobile Black Spots Fund
  • Selection process for Ultra-Fast Broadband 2, Rural Broadband Initiative 2, and Mobile Black Spot Fund programmes

will be made available on New Initiatives.

Phase One Broadband Initiatives

Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) is being rolled out across New Zealand in partnership with a number of different fibre companies.

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Telecommunications infrastructure deployment

The government is considering a range of measures to support the deployment of its two broadband initiatives.

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Fibre drops policy for schools

In anticipation of the rollout of fibre via the Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative and the Rural Broadband Initiative, state and state-integrated schools will be receiving fully-funded fibre drops when fibre is deployed in their region.

“Fibre drop” is the process of actually connecting the physical fibre from the street to school buildings, enabling schools to use the faster broadband network.

More information on how the roll-out of fibre impacts on schools is available on the Ministry of Education's website.