Royal Society of New Zealand

The Royal Society of New Zealand is an independent, national academy of sciences, and a federation of scientific and technological societies.

The aim of the Royal Society is the advancement and promotion of science and technology in New Zealand. Its functions include fostering a culture supportive of science and technology, and providing expert advice on important public issues to the government and community.

As a non-government organisation, the Royal Society represents the individual scientists and their professional societies who make up the science community.

How MBIE works with the Royal Society

MBIE’s main responsibilities are to contract the Royal Society, through annual output and funding agreements, monitoring the Royal Society’s performance against the measures set out in the agreements, and managing the process for the Ministerial appointment of members to the Marsden Fund Council.

On behalf of the Government, the Royal Society manages various research funds including:

The Marsden Fund

The Marsden Fund is New Zealand’s premier fund for investigator-led research. It supports excellence in research across science and the humanities. The Marsden Fund Council, appointed by the Minister of Science and Innovation, is responsible for recommending which proposals are to be funded. The Royal Society of New Zealand provides executive support to the Fund.

Budget 2016 funding

In Budget 2016 the Government announced it would invest an additional $66m over four years in the Marsden Fund. This brings the total fund to $57.8m in 2016/17, rising to $79.8m per annum in 2019/20.

Assessment of the Strategy and Management of the Marsden Fund

MBIE completed an Assessment of the Strategy and Management of the Marsden Fund in 2017. The Minister of Science and Innovation has published the report and endorsed its recommendations.

The Report found that the Marsden Fund is effective at selecting high-quality research, but recommended some changes to ensure it continues to deliver benefits for New Zealand.

Key recommendations include:

  • Developing an Investment Plan that sets out the strategic direction of the Fund, addresses the issues identified in the Assessment Report, and shows how the Fund will be managed to achieve its objectives.
  • Developing a Performance Framework that will include periodic review by international experts to provide assurance of the value of the Government’s investment.
  • Including more international Councillors on the Council.


The Minister of Science and Innovation has instructed the Marsden Fund Council to develop the new Investment Plan. The Council will signal an implementation timeline for the Report’s recommendations when it publishes the Investment Plan. Changes are likely to be implemented gradually and will start to take effect from the 2018 funding round.

The Fund will remain investigator-led, the Marsden Fund Council will continue to oversee it on the Minister’s behalf, and the Royal Society will continue to provide administrative support.

Read the Marsden Fund Assessment of Strategy and Management [PDF 1.2MB]

Read more about the Terms of Reference for the Marsden Assessment of Strategy and Management, 2016 [PDF 224KB]

Funding for international partnerships

A number of Catalyst Fund programmes are administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand, on MBIE's behalf. Information about these programmes can be found on the Royal Society of New Zealand website.

The Royal Society also provides expert independent advice to Government and enables the scientific community to have a voice in the national science debate.

For more information, visit the Royal Society’s website