Endeavour Fund

The Endeavour Fund invests in excellent research that has high potential to positively transform New Zealand’s future - economically, environmentally and socially, and give effect to Vision Mātauranga, which aims to unlock the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources, and people for the benefit of New Zealand.

The Endeavour Fund plays a major role in the Government’s ten-year vision for a highly dynamic New Zealand science system. More than $190 million in funding is available through the Endeavour Fund, with up to $48 million per year invested in Smart Ideas and Research Programmes, in line with the strategic direction set out in the Government’s National Statement of Science Investment [PDF 1.9MB].

The Endeavour Fund has two investment mechanisms:

  • Smart Ideas is designed to invest in promising, innovative research ideas with the high potential for benefits for New Zealand, to enable refresh and diversity in the science portfolio. Contracts are awarded for two to three years.
  • Research Programmes supports ambitious, excellent and well-defined research ideas, which, collectively, have credible and high potential to positively transform New Zealand’s economy, environment, and society. Contracts are awarded for three to five years.

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Find out more about the 2016 Endeavour investment round

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