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Innovative Partnerships

New Zealand is home to a thriving innovation ecosystem that encourages world-leading research and development activity and resourceful ways of getting things done.

The collaborative way in which we work has earned us our number one spot in the world for ease of doing business, and we consistently lead the way as a safe place to invest.

Our unique expertise, people and technology, coupled with our size and location, offer surprising advantages when it comes to making things happen.

Discover your New Zealand opportunity

MBIE’s Innovative Partnerships team is dedicated to helping research and development investors connect, collaborate and partner in New Zealand.

We can help connect you with the right firms, government agencies, industry associations, research organisations and universities. We'll also make sure you have the right information to navigate New Zealand’s regulatory system, provide relocation and immigration advice, and familiarise you with our world-class infrastructure to keep you globally connected.

New Zealand is Number One!