The Advanced Genomics Research Platform

The Government is investing $35 million in a new cross-institutional Advanced Genomics Research Platform that will produce high quality research capability for the whole science sector.

Genomics is a fast moving and growing research and commercial field, with a high turnover in technologies and approaches. It is also a core discipline underpinning a wide range of science of importance to New Zealand.

The new platform is expected to grow excellent genomics research capabilities in New Zealand by building on and growing links to other world-leading genomics research centres around the world, maintaining effective relationships with New Zealand’s genomics scientists and stakeholders, and by generating world-leading excellent research on genomics.

Genomics Aotearoa

The Government announced in August 2017, following a Call for Proposal, that the new cross-institutional Advanced Genomics Research Platform would be Genomics Aotearoa.

Genomics Aotearoa is an alliance led by the University of Otago and includes the Universities of Auckland and Massey, Crown Research Institutes AgResearch, ESR, Landcare Research, and Plant and Food, and 32 associate organisations including researchers and end users of genomics and bioinformatics.

The platform aims to produce high quality research capability for the whole science sector, with funding from the Strategic Science Investment Fund.

The goals of the platform are to:

  • Establish an agile, leading-edge collaborative platform of research on genomics that establishes new connections in the New Zealand genomics sector and with genomics research end-users
  • Grow genomics capability in New Zealand through excellent genomics research
  • Grow new science collaborations with genomics research centres, networks and teams that are doing world-leading work
  • Increase the adoption and impact of genomics technology for scientists, relevant end-users and their sectors.

Next steps

The contract with Genomics Aotearoa includes:

  • The establishment of the Advanced Genomics Platform, including a clear research agenda, rationale for proposed research, articulation of benefits and delivery of the work programme
  • Ongoing management and governance, including appointment of the Governance Board and Chair (agreed by MBIE), developing the terms of reference for Governance Board and members, key performance indicators for contractors’ success, financial performance and research collaboration
  • Work programme to be delivered including financial budget, proposed spend on establishment activities and international strategy (approved by the Governance Board).

After the establishment of the platform and provision of an approved work programme, the Government will contract the remainder of the funds.

Key information