Ensuring regulation supports the development of technological innovation.

Telecommunications Act Review

The Review of the framework for telecommunications and radio communications considers the implications of convergence trends on the New Zealand communications market.

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GST on electronic goods

The growth of e-commerce means the volume of services and intangibles (such as computer software) on which Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not collected is growing significantly. This raises concerns about uneven GST treatment between domestic and international providers, and if such tax laws remain suitable in the future.

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Creative sector study

This study will include compiling an evidence base to support potential reform of copyright and designs legislation.

Convergence of media content

The convergence of the previously separate telecommunications, information technology, media and entertainment sectors is opening up exciting opportunities for businesses and individuals.

On 27 August 2015, government launched a green paper to consider the impact of convergence between the telecommunications, information technology, media and entertainment sectors in New Zealand and a work programme to address the challenges including consultation on the impact of convergence on content regulation

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Convergence discussion document

Transport and technology

Technology is changing the taxi and private hire car sector internationally and in New Zealand, as it is enabling innovative and alternative services. The Ministry of Transport is reviewing the regulatory framework for this sector to ensure the regulatory framework that governs the sector is fit for purpose and meets New Zealand’s future needs.

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