Digital economy

The Government is supporting the development of New Zealand’s fast growing digital economy.

See how the Government is enabling New Zealand to become a leading digital nation – a nation with a thriving digital sector, where our businesses, people and government are all using digital technology to drive innovation, improve productivity, and enhance the quality of life for all new Zealanders.


The ever-evolving digital world is impacting on almost all aspects of New Zealanders’ lives. ICT is changing the way businesses and government operate, how education and healthcare are delivered, and how people and communities interact.

The Government has established a Digital Economy Work Programme to ensure that agencies are collectively focusing on the right initiatives, in the right areas, to support the growth of New Zealand’s Digital Sector and the uptake and smart use of ICT across the economy.

The Programme was developed with support from New Zealand’s digital community and is a cross-government effort. It covers eight areas that are critical to ensuring that New Zealand is able to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities driven by technological change.

Digital economy infographic accessible version

View an accessible version of the infographic.

Investor Guide to the NZ Tech Sector

The Technology Investment Network, in partnership with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment have put together a guide for those who are interested in investing, or attracting investment, to the New Zealand Technology Sector.


Accelerating a Connected New Zealand

NZTech, in partnership with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment have released a vision for New Zealand as a Digital Nation: From Tech Sector to Digital Nation.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is a member of the IOT Alliance, and you can read the report on the impact of the Internet of Things for New Zealand on the NZTech website.

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