Data and information improvement

Increasing investment in the New Zealand science and innovation system has increased the need to better understand and demonstrate system results and impacts, increase transparency, and improve access to data.

Across all agencies, policy settings and investment decisions need to be underpinned by sound evidence to ensure value for money. Data plays a critical part in generating that evidence and informing evaluation.

The Research, Science and Innovation Domain Plan represents a commitment from government agencies to improve coordination of data and information and to lay the framework for developing a system-wide data infrastructure.

The domain plan has been guided by the Government’s data and information management principles: open, protected, readily available, trusted and authoritative, well managed, reasonably priced and reusable. More data will be made publicly available and accessible.

Implementation of the plan’s actions should over time lead to the development of a comprehensive national research information system that generates quality longitudinal data and statistics. This data infrastructure will also reduce transaction costs for researchers in searching out collaborations, in applying for funding and in reporting.

These actions, including documents from a national research information system, will be published here. This will be an important resource for government, the research community and all science data users in New Zealand.

Download: Research, Science and Innovation Domain Plan [PDF 1.2MB]

Domain Plan implementation

The Research, Science and Innovation Domain Plan comprise 27 actions that focus on improving research and science system information and data.

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A key action of the domain plan is to embed ORCID identifiers across the research system by adopting a national approach to ORCID across research providers and funding agencies. ORCID provides a unique persistent identifier that ensures research work is correctly attributed to its creator. ORCID identifiers also enable the linking of datasets.

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National Research Information System (NRIS)

A key action in the Research, Science and Innovation Domain Plan is to create a National Research Information System for New Zealand (NRIS). The NRIS will link data on researchers, their projects, outputs, funding sources and end-user collaborations.

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Research, Science and Innovation Data Conceptual Model

MBIE is developing a first version of a Research, Science and Innovation (RS&I) Data Conceptual Model.

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