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Work programme

The KiwiBuild work programme covers:

  • Converting existing Crown land and purchasing additional land from the private market (under the Land for Housing programme), which will be on-sold to development partners who commit to delivering KiwiBuild homes
  • Purchasing or underwriting new affordable homes off the plans (under the Buying off the Plans initiative), to de-risk suitable developments led by the private sector and others, in exchange for accelerating the delivery of a greater number of homes at KiwiBuild price points
  • Identifying and leveraging opportunities to deliver KiwiBuild homes through existing Government-led housing initiatives, such as those being undertaken by Housing New Zealand (e.g. McLennan development)
  • Doing the groundwork to enable new urban development authority (once established) to undertake major urban redevelopment projects in partnership with iwi, councils and the private sector. Investigations into the first large-scale projects are underway.

The KiwiBuild programme will also be supported by:

  • Initiatives across Government to streamline planning and consenting processes.
  • Innovation in the building and construction sector, such as increased use of prefabrication and modular housing, to speed the pace of new developments.
  • Development of a construction sector Skills Strategy and Action Plan, to help ensure the construction sector has the capability and capacity to support KiwiBuild.

Over the next ten years KiwiBuild will deliver the step-change that New Zealand’s housing system needs, to support the creation of diverse, thriving communities of the future.

Land for Housing

The Land for Housing programme aims to increase the supply of new dwellings and to increase the pace of developments, in collaboration with iwi/hapū and private developers.
The programme:

  • Identifies vacant or under-utilised land that is suitable and available for housing development
  • Acquires available land in suitable locations, whether from Crown agencies or from private vendors
  • On-sells that land to developers, who use their own capital to develop the land
  • Requires each site be developed subject to conditions that facilitate the construction of dwellings to increase and accelerate housing supply.

Across the Land for Housing programme, the Government’s objective is to make 20 per cent of the dwellings available for public housing and a further 40 per cent at (or below) the KiwiBuild price points.

The Land for Housing programme expands the former Crown Land Development programme, including making it a national programme and providing scope to acquire both private or Crown land.

Buying off the Plans

The Buying off the Plans initiative involves the Government underwriting or purchasing new homes off the plans that the private sector or others are leading, in exchange for accelerating a greater number of affordable, KiwiBuild dwellings.

The Invitation to Participate in the KiwiBuild: ‘Buying off the Plans’ initiative closed on 8 June 2018. Interested developers were invited to respond via the Government Electronic Tenders Service.

For this initial approach to market, priority will be given to developments that are able to commence within the 2018/19 and 2019/20 years.

The opportunity will be re-opened later in 2018 for further developments commencing in 2020/21 onwards.

We are initially targeting developers that have development-ready land and who are willing to adapt an existing development to include affordable KiwiBuild dwellings. This may involve amending the scale and pace of the development, changing the range of types of dwellings in a development and/or being willing to trial innovation.

Proposals were specifically sought for developments in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Napier-Hastings, Queenstown-Lakes District, Tauranga, Whangarei District and Nelson-Tasman. However, responses for other areas will also be considered.

Further information

Projects underway

Unitec Land for Housing

The Government has purchased 29.3 hectares of land at Unitec’s Mt Albert campus in Auckland to develop housing.

The site, which is just 9km from Auckland’s CBD, is a mix of developed and undeveloped land, suitable for a master-planned, significant development.

The purchase of the site represents an opportunity to deliver a significant number of high quality, affordable houses for first home buyers under the Government’s KiwiBuild programme.

The site has been purchased under the Government’s Land for Housing programme, which converts existing Crown land and purchases additional land from the private market to provide residential land supply for development.

The Land for Housing programme is one of four primary methods to facilitate KiwiBuild and wider housing development.

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McLennan development

McLennan development

On 28 April the Government announced the first KiwiBuild homes under construction at the McLennan development in Papakura, Auckland.

Thirty KiwiBuild homes are being built at McLennan. Eighteen of these homes are expected to be completed by the end of August 2018, with the remainder completed by the end of the year.

The KiwiBuild homes that are being built at McLennan are standalone dwellings, with an expected price of $499,000 for a two-bedroom home, $579,000 for a three-bedroom home and $649,000 for a four-bedroom home.

The site is former Defence Force Land, now owned by Housing New Zealand. The McLennan development is a 24-hectare site which is being transformed into a new community of around 600 homes.

Identifying and leveraging opportunities to procure KiwiBuild homes through existing Government-led housing initiatives, such as the McLennan development being undertaken by Housing New Zealand, is one of four channels for delivering KiwiBuild homes.

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