National broadband initiatives

Being connected and online has become an essential part of our everyday lives. That is why the Government is making a $2 billion investment on behalf of all New Zealanders into two major initiatives that will deliver faster, better internet: the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) Initiative and the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).

Together, these two programmes will bring the benefits of improved internet connectivity to 97.8 per cent of New Zealanders, opening up a huge range of business, educational, community and other opportunities.


The Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative (UFB)

The UFB initiative plans to enable access to fibre technology for at least 80% of New Zealanders.

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The Rural Broadband initiative (RBI)

Government is also making sure that rural New Zealanders can enjoy the benefits of faster, better internet through the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).

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Other initiatives

Other initiatives include the new Mobile Black Spot Fund where the government plans to create a $50 million fund to extend mobile coverage into black spot areas of main highways and key tourist areas.

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