Supporting documentation

In July 2016, the Prime Minister announced that the Government was considering new legislation to establish independent urban development authorities, with a view to introducing a Bill to Parliament by the end of the year. Subsequently, the Government decided to publish a discussion document and undertake public consultation prior to introducing any new legislation.

The following documents provide the core policy advice that officials provided to Ministers, including before the Prime Minister’s announcement, while officials were working towards introducing legislation by December, and following the decision to undertake public consultation.

  1. December 2016 - Cabinet paper: Discussion document on urban development legislation [PDF 1.3MB]
  2. December 2016 - Cabinet minute: Urban Development Legislation: Release of Discussion Document [PDF 584KB]
  3. March 2016 - Briefing to Minister Smith: Regulatory tools to promote urban development [PDF 635KB]
  4. May 2016 - Presentation to BGA Infrastructure Ministers: What an urban development authority may look like in a New Zealand context [PDF 1MB]
  5. June 2016 - Draft presentation to BGA Infrastructure Ministers: Legislating to provide a wide range of powers in support of selected urban developments in NZ [PDF 879KB]
  6. July 2016 - Briefing to Minister Smith: Proposed approach to various aspects of urban development [PDF 985KB]
  7. August 2016 - Aide Memoire to you: Urban Development Legislation – Four questions from MoF [PDF 691KB]
  8. November 2016  - Joint MBIE/Treasury briefing to Housing Ministers: Proposal for Urban Development Legislation: Draft Cabinet paper and discussion document - Key issues [PDF 701KB]
  9. November 2016 - Presentation to Housing Ministers: Urban development legislation: what’s it for? [PDF 2.4MB]
  10. November 2016 - Presentation to Housing Ministers: Urban development legislation: practicality of seeking landowners’ prior agreement [PDF 882KB]
  11. December 2016 - Aide memoire to Minister Smith: Discussion document on urban development legislation [PDF 1.6MB]
  12. December 2016 - Aide Memoire to Minister Smith: Urban development policy options considered from 2006 to 2008 [PDF 795KB]