Rental bond data

We're making a selection of raw data available under a Creative Commons licence. This means you can use the data free of charge to perform your own analysis, as long as you credit us ('The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment') as the source of the data.

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About the data

The files below include the private bonds, starting from January 1993. 'Private' means private sector landlords.

This data comes from MBIE's tenancy bond database, which records all new rental bonds that are lodged with us each month. Every month we'll update the data sets with the latest month's data.

Make sure you always use the latest file available. This is because slight delays between a bond being lodged and the details being recorded in the database can cause figures for the latest month to change the next month.

By territorial authority (TA), January 1993 - April 2016 (updated monthly)

By region, January 1993 - April 2016 (updated monthly)

Quarter 1, 1993 - Quarter 1, 2016 (updated quarterly)


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