Guidance on future development strategies and minimum development capacity targets

Future development strategies (policies PC12 – PC14) set out how sufficient development capacity will be provided across an urban area in the medium and long terms.

They also describe how to determine minimum targets (policies PC5-PC11) for providing sufficient, feasible housing development capacity.

Future development strategies provide certainty to the community and stakeholders about where and when future urban development is likely to occur and are also responsive to changing circumstances. They inform decision making by local authorities and infrastructure providers, and demonstrate that there will be sufficient development capacity opportunities enabled through councils’ district plans, Long Term Plans and infrastructure strategies.

Future development strategies should be developed collaboratively by all local authorities that share jurisdiction over the area of focus. They should also be developed in consultation with infrastructure providers, other stakeholders, and the community.

The content of a future development strategy includes descriptions of:

  • minimum targets for sufficient, feasible development capacity for housing
  • evidence underpinning the strategy
  • the location, timing and sequence of development capacity, using maps and tables
  • the infrastructure and implementation actions required to support development capacity
  • how the strategy will respond to changes in demand or land owners’ intentions
  • how consultation was carried out.


Local authorities whose jurisdiction includes a high growth urban area are required to complete a future development strategy by December 2018.