Exposure drafts of phase one regulations

Current consultations

We are currently consulting on a number of standards proposed to be incorporated into the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations, to be made later this year. The range of standards proposed for incorporation by reference can be found in the Gazette notice.

Previous related consultations

Hazardous substances

The government made the majority of decisions about these proposed regulations in March 2015 in Cabinet Paper B: Policy decisions for regulations to support the new health and safety at work act: Specific regulatory matters [PDF 471KB].

An exposure draft process took place to ensure the remaining phase one Health and Safety at Work regulations are fit for purpose and technically accurate.

We sought expert stakeholder feedback, primarily using the representative groups established by WorkSafe, on whether the decisions already made by the government are accurately represented in the draft regulations. The exposure draft process also enabled us to consult further on specific elements of the regulations that the government had not yet made final decisions about.

The aspects that government has now made further decisions about are contained in Cabinet paper: Residual Policy Decisions Concerning Regulations for Work Involving Hazardous Substances [PDF 188KB].

Other phase one regulations

Consultation has closed on the following regulations. The regulations have been finalised and came into effect on 4 April 2016.

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