Consumer Credit Research

CCCFA Baseline Evaluation Report

This report presents the findings of research on the consumer credit market before the consumer credit reforms came into effect in June 2015 and is intended to represent the state of the market before the reforms led to any changes in behaviour. The findings of this report will aid ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the 2015 consumer credit reforms.


The CCCFA Baseline Evaluation report draws on findings from the following reports:

CCCFA Baseline Consumer Survey 2015

This telephone survey of New Zealand consumers was undertaken in February 2015 by Research New Zealand on behalf of the Ministry. The survey included questions on awareness of lending options, recent borrowing, and awareness of rights and obligations when borrowing. This survey builds on and broadens the scope of similar research carried out on the Ministry’s behalf in 2011.

Desk-based lender Survey 2015

This survey examines lenders’ apparent compliance with registration requirements and advertising practices in print media and on the internet. Completed in February 2015, this survey considers three categories: banks, building societies and credit unions, and other lenders. This survey builds on and broadens the scope of similar research by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in 2011.