International issues

We lead New Zealand government activity on reducing technical barriers to trade – and particularly the use of standards and conformance mechanisms to address trade barriers.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

We represent New Zealand's standards and conformance interests in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum on its Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance.

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World Trade Organization (WTO)

Our expertise on technical barriers to trade principles and mechanisms to address trade barriers informs New Zealand’s participation in the WTO.

We participate in regular committee discussions on market access issues relating to technical barriers to trade.  We disseminate best practice through sharing the experiences of WTO members.

We are particularly active in committee projects with a longer term focus, such as developing guidelines to choose and design trade facilitation mechanisms.

We also provide advice on trade disputes between WTO members including the interpretation of obligations set out in the Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement and how they have been fulfilled.

The WTO Doha Round includes non-agricultural market access negotiations on non-tariff barriers.  Several members proposed extending obligations in the current Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement. We are participating to develop New Zealand positions. 

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