Standards and conformance infrastructure review

Changes to New Zealand’s standards system are being made, after the passage of the Standards and Accreditation Bill on 15 October 2015.

The Standards and Accreditation Act 2015 aims to ensure that the standards and accreditation systems are viable, well-functioning, and meet the needs of business, regulators, and consumers into the future.

Next steps

Standards New Zealand will continue to provide support for Standards development, approval and access in the meantime.

Standards New Zealand and MBIE are working together to ensure there is a seamless transition to the new arrangements which are expected to be in place in within six months.

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Key aspects of the Act include:

  • Establishing a new independent statutory board to approve New Zealand Standards and membership of Standards development committees.
  • Retaining and strengthening key elements of the current arrangements, such as codifying in legislation the role of balanced committees of technical experts in developing Standards.
  • Locating the Standards development function in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment ensuring closer alignment with government objectives.
  • Strengthening the existing cost recovery model, by providing for full lifecycle costing of Standards.
  • Repealing the Testing Laboratory Registration Act 1972 and incorporating its provisions into the Standards and Accreditation Act.
  • Better reflecting the Testing Laboratory Registration Council’s accreditation activities, including renaming the Council the Accreditation Council.

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Updates on the transition process

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