Standards and conformance

A standards and conformance system makes it easier for consumers and producers to make informed decisions when buying or producing.

Standards are published documents that set out agreed specifications for products, processes, performance or services.  Standards can cover safety, compatibility, performance, information and quality.

Conformance is judging whether a particular product, process or service meets a standard or complies with a regulatory requirement.

Our policy advice on maintaining an efficient standards and conformance infrastructure helps remove technical barriers to improve trade.  Businesses use standards and conformance to support innovation and development, and compete locally and internationally.

The government, consumers and the community rely on standards and conformance to protect public health, safety and the environment. 

Standards and conformance infrastructure review

The government has announced changes to maintain and strengthen the development and delivery of New Zealand Standards that underpin products and services throughout New Zealand’s economy in order to meet the needs of industry, regulators and consumers into the foreseeable future.

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International issues

We lead New Zealand government activity on reducing technical barriers to trade – and particularly the use of standards and conformance mechanisms to address trade barriers.

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Organisations involved with the standards and conformance system

A range of organisations contribute to ensuring that New Zealand has an effective system of standards and conformance.

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