Plant variety rights

Plant Variety Rights (PVR) gives you the exclusive right to produce for sale and sell propagating material of a new plant variety.

In the case of vegetatively-propagated fruit, ornamental and vegetable varieties, PVRs give you the additional exclusive commercial right to propagate the protected variety for the commercial production of fruit, flowers or other products.

To be granted a PVR the plant variety must:

  • Be new
  • Be distinct
  • Be uniform
  • Be stable
  • Have an acceptable denomination (variety name).


Current review of the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987

In February 2017, the Government began a new review of the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987.

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Early 2000s review of the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987

The Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 was reviewed in the early 2000s to determine whether the Act provides adequate protection for new plant varieties.

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