Small enterprise

Small enterprises of up to 20 employees are an important part of the New Zealand economy.

According to the latest data from Statistics New Zealand, they account for:

  • 97 per cent (487,602) of all enterprises
  • 29 per cent (599,880) of all employees
  • an estimated 26 per cent of New Zealand’s Gross Domestic Product.

For more information on New Zealand's small businesses view the Small Business Report and Factsheet 2016 information on our website.

We provide advice on issues that are important to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We also provide secretariat services for the Small Business Development Group.

For information on the support different government agencies have available for small business view New Zealand's Support for Small Business [PDF 5.1MB]

Small Business Development Group

The Small Business Development Group was formed to advise government on issues affecting SMEs and ensure the "voice" of small businesses is heard in policy development. The group has been in recess since June 2017.

Read the:

Small Business Development Group 2016 report [PDF 689KB]

Government's response to the Small Business Development Group's 2016 report [PDF 473KB]

Other information on small and medium sized enterprises

Small Business Factsheet 2016 [PDF 1MB]

Small Business Factsheet 2015 [PDF 1.1MB]

Small Business Factsheet 2014 [PDF 1.1MB] 

Structure and Dynamics of New Zealand SMEs [PDF 1.9MB]

Government releases and speeches relating to small business