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This highly informative and easy-to-use mobile app is great for anyone interested in New Zealand’s regions.

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The app makes access to information on New Zealand regions instant and easy, with users able to browse key figures and charts on 16 regional council areas and 66 territorial authority areas.

There is regional information on incomes, house values, rents, employment, migration, GDP, and much more. To make exploration easier, the key indicators are grouped into several themes: social and income, housing, workforce, education, population, economic, agriculture, and tourism.

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The app is designed for Android and iPhone 4S or later model phones.


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The data are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.

MBIE will not be held accountable for any error, inaccurate findings or interpretation within the data. MBIE is not responsible for the results of any actions taken on the basis of this information. 

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