Business Growth Agenda

It is businesses that drive economic growth and build a more successful economy with more jobs for Kiwis.

Growing competitive businesses creates jobs and increases exports to the world. Nothing creates sustainable, high-paying jobs and boosts our standard of living better than business confidence and growth.

Building a more competitive and productive economy for New Zealand is one of the key priorities the Prime Minister has laid out for this Government to achieve. The Business Growth Agenda drives this by ensuring the Government stays focused on what matters to business, to encourage confidence and further investment.

There are six key inputs that businesses need to succeed and grow. By focusing on these areas we will ensure businesses have the opportunity to lead economic growth.

The six key areas in the Business Growth Agenda

[image] Six key areas - Export markets, Innovation, Skilled and Safe Workplaces, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Investment.

The Government is holding itself accountable to the business community and to the public to achieve tangible progress in each of these areas.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Treasury are working alongside other agencies to coordinate the Business Growth Agenda and ensure businesses can more easily access the advice and support from government agencies they need to be successful.

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In 2012, the Government developed a new microeconomic reform programme through the Business Growth Agenda (BGA) to support businesses to grow and thrive in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, and to build a more productive and competitive economy. The BGA 2017 Refresh lays out priorities and key actions across Government work programmes that continue to build on BGA achievements to date.

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Regional Economic Activity Tools

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BGA resources

The government is committed to an ongoing conversation with business on what matters most. We have prepared a set of BGA resources to support conversations either between businesses and government or amongst businesses.

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